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Day 3 – Repent

Repent When Jesus announced the coming of His Kingdom, He told His disciples how to get ready for it. It was simple and straightforward, a single word: “repent”! “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near” (Mat4:7), Jesus told them. John, the baptizer, whose entire ministry was designed to get people ready for the rapid…

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Day 2 – Get Hungry

Day 2 – Get Hungry Health and hunger go hand in hand. This principle is true in both the physical and spiritual realms. When I was i high school, my mother knows that if I lose my appetite, it was for one of two possible reasons: I was either sick, or I was in love!…

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Day 1 – Start Asking

Day 1 – Start Asking If you want fire, you need to ask for it. God loves to come to where He is invited. He loves to manifest the reality of His flaming presence when we ask Him to do it. The prophet Elijah lowered the tip of his sword and drew a line in the…

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Church On Fire week 1

Week 1 – Get Ready for Fire On the surface, church is what we do. It is the gathering together of Christ followers in order for us to love God, love each other and love our neighbors for Jesu’s sake. Churches come in various shapes and sizes but no matter how we slice it, our gathering is…

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The Church with the Rusty Steeple

Let me tell you the story of a church with one of the ugliest steeples you would ever want to see. That steeple became a symbol of a corroded history that Jesus wanted to cleanse and heal. His gentle touch in healing this ministry encourages every church not to fear taking a hard look at…

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Foundation of a Healthy Soul

Foundation of a Healthy Soul by Rob Reimer A new building was constructed in our town not too long ago. It took a disproportionately long time to set the foundation properly. For months, there was just a big hole in the ground. However, once the foundation was set, the building’s exterior went up in a hurry. Builders…

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