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Day 13 Give Away Control

Day 13 Give Away Control Welcoming the fire of God’s manifest presence sound intimidating – even threatening. I would dare to say that if the thought of God setting your church on fire does not strike a healthy degree of fear in your bones, I seriously question whether or not you understand it. It is…

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Day 12 – Pray Your Hunger

Day 12 – Pray Your Hunger Welcoming the fire of God’s manifest presence is not complicated. We don’t need a twelve-step program of how to set our church on fire. We can hevea a big sigh of relief because fire is God’s work, not ours. All we need to do is pray our hunger and…

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Day 11 – Don’t Fear the Fire

Day 11 – Don’t Fear the Fire If the primary purpose of the church was to hold out propositional truth, Jesus might have been seen walking in a library. If the church was ultimately a preaching center, He might have walked among the lecterns, soapboxes or pulpits. If the purpose of the church was primarily…

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Day 10 – Agree Together

Day 10 – Agree Together The first miracle that Christ performs in any local church is the formation of the church itself. Gathering people together from a range of backgrounds and uniting them in Christ is indeed a miraculous accomplishment of extraordinary proportion. On the surface, it may appear that church is what we do,…

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Day 9 – Saddle Up

Day 9 – Saddle Up The best way to learn to pray with people who know how to pray. Let me encourage you: right now there are people around you who are waiting for you to invite them into an entry-level prayer partnership. When God first put me under orders in the vise grip of…

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Day 8 – Clear your calendar

Day 8 – Clear your calendar For some of us, it’s probably the sports bar, Starbucks or our man cave. In the Middle East, however, when it was time to hang out with friends, people went to the upper room- a quiet, secluded place to think, talk, clear your head, sip a beverage, tell some…

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Day 7 – Minister to the Presence of the Lord

Today we are introduced to a life-giving principle that may be new to you – the high calling of ministry to the presence of the Lord. It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, a school teacher, a salesperson, a computer programmer or an airline pilot; if you intend to be an upper-room disciple,…

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Day 6 – Come Under Orders

You could probably build a deck by yourself in your backyard if you tried. You might even be able to add a room to your house if you put your mind to it. To build an upper-room, God-encountering prayer gathering for your church family, however, will require teamwork. Jim Cymbala, the pastor of the Brooklyn…

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Day 4 – Receive

Day 4 – Receive The advancing of Christ’s kingdom rises and falls on our ability to receive from Him. The fact is, we have nothing to give that we didn’t first receive. “Freely you have received, freely give,” Jesus said (Mat. 10:8). As you get ready to encounter the manifest presence of Christ in your…

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Day 5 – Open Your Eyes

Day 5 – Open Your Eyes Stories of the handiwork of Christ are powerful. When we allow the people in our sphere of ministry to use their own words to describe their encounters with Christ, it is as if we are taking the lid off what God is doing among us. The result is infectious.…

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